Theatre Schools to Keep Kids Busy in the Summer Holidays

Theatre Schools to Keep Kids Busy in the Summer Holidays

School holidays, especially long ones such as the summer holiday, can be a tricky time for a lot of families. If mum and dad both work, then arranging for someone to take care of the child will be a priority. Sometimes, grandparents or aunts and uncles can step in, but this isn’t always an option. Some kids go to a summer camp, but not all kids enjoy spending nights away from home at a long age. Day camps and extracurricular schooling can provide families with a valuable way to give their kids a fun education, and ensure that they are well looked after during the day.

Some sports clubs offer day camps that give the kids the chance to make new friends, train a sport that they enjoy, eat healthy food and burn off some energy. These camps aren’t always an ideal option, however. Not all kids are sporty, and enrolling a child in a sport-focused camp if they have never done the sport before could be an expensive undertaking since you would need to buy equipment for them, as well as pay the fees for the camp itself.

One option that is becoming increasingly popular is theatre schools. These are run by acting or dance groups and by local theatres, and they offer some great educational opportunities while allowing your child a chance to be a part of a larger production, so they will take something away at the end.

Theatre schools will teach kids the basics of acting and production. At a good school, there is something for everyone. The kids will have the chance to learn how to act, how to do stage lighting and audio, how to make costumes and more. The children learn a bit of everything then get to focus on their interests as they put together a production for the end of the holiday.

Whether your child has aspirations to learn to act or not, theatre school can be a great opportunity for them. They will make new friends, gain confidence, and learn a lot of valuable new skills. Some theatres will use the school as a way to teach local history, or to explain arts and crafts. If the kids put on a play then they may learn about literature along the way, and discuss what the play is saying, and how to bring it to life. There is so much opportunity for learning, exploration and personal growth in a theatre school, and most kids love what they learn and get to do. So, if you’re looking for something to do with your kids over the holidays, consider signing them up to a local theatre school. You will be supporting the arts, and giving your kids a bright future even if they do not decide that in the long term they would like to go into acting. Theatre schools offer far more than just a babysitting and child care service for the kids that attend them during the school holiday period.