Spice Up Your Wedding With These Incredible Wedding Cocktails

Wedding planning isn’t an easy task! You have to account for catering, table dressings, drinks, clothing, venues, entertainment, and so on. Even the littlest details are of great importance, including accommodations for beverages such as a nice cocktail to help really set the mood. If you want some help securing the best wedding cocktail possible, here are some key options:

1 – Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco

This should be considered a “must have” for virtually any party. With the raspberry spin, it’s sure to be as refreshing as anything else your guests have ever had. If you’re mixing your own, just combine frozen raspberries, limoncello, and prosecco together. You can even top it off with some sprigs of mint!

2 – Tequila Eastside

This is yet another signature drink that’s both delicious and easy to make. Agave tequila, syrup, and lime juice are all you’ll need. Make sure to top it off with cucumber and mint. Best of all, this cocktail will work at any time of the year. It can even be given a non-alcoholic twist if you use Seedlip Garden in place of the tequila.

3 – St. Louis Bellini

This cocktail is essentially a dry champagne. It’s one of the most affordable means of providing a champagne toast at your reception. To mix your own, just combine elderflower liquor, ginger vodka, sauvignon blanc, and any champagne of your choosing. The end result is sparkling and refreshing!

4 – Strawberry Gold Rush

This is a strong cocktail that’s perfect for everyone looking to really let loose. It has a delicious fruity flavour that’s sure to please even the most selective cocktail enthusiasts. All you need for this one is a mixture of honey syrup, lemon juice, bourbon, and a few strawberry slices.

5 – Pineapple Daiquiri

This is something of an old standard, and it makes a fantastic drink for any party. It will work well for summer weddings in particular or even a tropically themed winter event. Mixing is fairly simple as well; just add simple syrup and lime juice with a shot of white rum. Finally, garnish each drink with a wedge of pineapple.

6 – Additional Drinks To Consider

The average guest will likely only have one or two cocktails at the most. Be sure to have something like wine available for anyone looking to move on to other drinks before they hit the dance floor. You should also be sure to have something on hand to suit the guests that only drink lightly. Crafting a mild alcoholic punch is perhaps the safest bet. You might even want to offer alcohol-free beer, fruit juice, or even soda. You aren’t tied down to cocktails alone by any means!

It’s difficult to know exactly what everyone will be in the mood for. As such, it’s in your best interest to cover your bases as well as possible. If you’re feeling pressed in terms of budget, some of your alcoholic options can always be offered at a cash bar. This will help make sure everything is well covered by adding a slightly more professionally catered feel to the party. Just remember, your goal is to have enough delicious options available to please everyone while they enjoy the company of others. Your drinks alone won’t be the star of the show, but getting them right will certainly help make the celebration one worth remembering.